Crushed Stevia Leaves
Crushed Stevia Leaves
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Crushed Stevia Leaves

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Stevia Leaves are naturally sweet in taste and therefore, used as a replacement of normal sugar. Steviol glycosides are the sweet component of the leaves. Stevia is nearly 300 times sweeter than regular sugar and suitable for everyone including people with diabetes and obesity. It contains no sugar, no fat, no gluten, and zero calories. Stevia is Internationally recognized as a natural and non-caloric sweetener; also, beneficial as a health supplement.

The benefits include:

• Gluten free; suitable for people with Gluten insensitivity
• Has zero calories and is beneficial for everyone including people with diabetes and obesity
• Stable at high temperature; suitable for baking & cooking

Recommended Use: Use daily as a natural sweetener. Add one to two teaspoons to tea, coffee or any other food or beverages.