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Shivyaa - Testimonials

“I introduced Shivyaa to my son, who is a diabetic patient. Prior to taking this supplement, his sugar level was above 300, but after taking it, along with some lifestyle modification and meditation, his sugar level is at 150 – 160. He is very happy with the results and has now incorporated Shivyaa into his daily routine.”

Dipali Sarmah, Delhi

“I am an Engineering Consultant of age 46years. I have diabetes and my fasting glucose level was detected as 210 and HbA1c was 9.6. After using Shivyaa for approximately 10 days my glucose level has changed to FPG (Fasting Plasma glucose), 98 and PPG (Post-Prandial Glucose), 140.”

Ayaskanta Tripaathy, Bhubaneswar