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Shivyaa - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes?

  Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes
1 Often diagnosed in childhood Usually diagnosed in adults (over 30 year olds)
2 Not associated with excess body weight and sedentary lifestyle Often associated with excess body weight and sedentary lifestyle
3 Often associated with higher than normal ketone levels at diagnosis Often associated with high blood pressure and/or cholesterol levels at diagnosis
4 Treated with insulin injections or insulin pump Is usually treated initially without medication and then antidiabetic medicines
5 Cannot be controlled without taking insulin Sometimes it is possible to come off diabetes medication. Very much associated with dietary & lifestyle habits.


2. What is the prevalence of diabetes in India?

According to the International Journal of Scientific Reports, 2015, diabetes has a worldwide prevalence of 387 million (8.3%) and predicted to be 592 million by 2035.

International journal of scientific reports gupta m et al. Int j sci rep. 2015 may;1(1):1-2 India is towards becoming the diabetic capital of the world with more than 62 million diabetic individuals diagnosed with the disease. (Australas Med J. 2014).

3. Why are allopathic (conventional) medications not sufficient for a diabetic patient?

Currently available medications for diabetes are not sufficient as patients require complete care, which includes:

  • Balancing the blood glucose level
  • Preventing the long-term complications that arise due to the formation of free radicals from increased glucose levels in the blood
  • Improved quality of life (diabetic patients take insulin injections which drastically affects their quality of life)

Though conventional agents are being used for the treatment of diabetes, other degenerative complications associated with diabetes are being ignored, which ultimately complicates the treatment. Complete care is needed so that quality of life is not compromised.

To support our statement please refer to the paragraphs picked up from some reputed journals.

As per the Lancet 2010, “medicines might be winning the battle of glucose control, but is losing the war against diabetes. Great progress in the understanding of diabetes and the ability to lower concentrations of blood glucose has been done, but there is a glaring absence: No research on lifestyle interventions to prevent or reverse diabetes.’’

The Lancet.2010 Jun 26; 375

And also as per an article published in 2012 in the journal of Pharmacy & Bioalied Sciences, ‘’Conventional agents are being used to control diabetes however, they are not entirely effective and no one has ever been reported to have fully recovered from diabetes.”

J pharmacy and Bio allied Sc.2012; vol4(1)

4. How does Shivyaa work in diabetic patients and how does Shivyaa provide complete care?

Shivyaa is a herbal product to maintain blood glucose level and prevent long-term consequences of diabetes such as retinopathy, neuropathy, nephropathy, heart diseases & hypertension.

The role of key ingredients in Shivyaa is mentioned below:

Gurmar (Gymnema sylvestre) - Stimulates insulin secretion from pancreas & increases peripheral utilization of glucose (via muscles) to reduce glucose level in the blood.

Neem (Azadirachta indica) – Stimulates insulin secretion from pancreas. The antioxidant action of neem helps to remove free radicals generated due to increased levels of glucose in the blood.

Chirayata (Swertia chirayata) – reduces blood glucose level by stimulating insulin secretion and purifies blood.

Methi (Trigonella foenum-gracum) – stimulates pancreatic β-cell to improve glycemic control in the body. Methi improves the metabolism and prevents excess accumulation of food in the body, which further prevents inflammation.

Kalonji (Nigella sativa) - antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties of Thimoquinone found in Kalonji (Black Cumin) protect and prevent free radical damage to the body organs caused due to the increased levels of blood glucose.

Above all, Shivyaa is a combination of bitter herbs (like karela, neem, giloy, chirayata, kutki), rich in antioxidants which stimulate the process of detoxification to remove toxin (free radicals generated due to increased level of glucose) out of the body. Therefore, Shivyaa offers the antioxidant defense to prevent the long-term complications (micro-vascular & macro-vascular) of diabetes.

5. Can Shivyaa be taken as an adjuvant to other medications (e.g. Other Hypoglycemic Medicines or medicines for other diseases)?

Yes, Shivyaa can be taken as an adjuvant to other medications. After the glucose level becomes normal and stable, one can reduce the dosage of allopath anti-diabetic medicine (e.g. metformin, jenuvia etc.) under the supervision of his/her physician. Later, one can completely withdraw the allopath medicine and balance the blood glucose level with the help of Shivyaa only.

6. Should a Type -1 diabetes patient use Shivyaa?

Yes, they can use Shivyaa but results are not guaranteed. We are yet to conduct testing for Shivyaa to be used in Type 1 diabetic patients, hence it is not recommended.

Shivyaa is meant for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes where insulin is insufficient or could not perform its role properly. Antidiabetic drugs or herbs with the antidiabetic effects help in Type 2 diabetes via various known or unknown mechanisms to:

  • increase the level of insulin 
  • increase the absorption of glucose by cells
  • decrease the absorption of glucose by intestine
  • increase the excretion of glucose and others.

In Type 1 diabetes, insulin is absent due to some genetic reasons. The patients with Type 1 diabetes have to complete their need of insulin to utilize glucose for getting energy for their body functions. Therefore, these patients are advised to take insulin injections according to their need. Shivyaa may or may not help in Type 1 diabetes however, we totally believe in the holistic action of herbs and its actually unpredictable, how a herb will interact with the body! Miracles may happen! Therefore, if any Type 1 diabetic patient wants to continue with Shivyaa, they can start taking it.

7. Can Shivyaa be used in prophylaxis or for the prevention of diabetes in high risk/prediabetic patients?

Yes, Shivyaa is suitable for early prevention of diabetes in high risk individuals or for the people with prediabetes. No other medications are available for the prevention of diabetes so that a prediabetic patient can take to avoid being diabetic or he needs to take the drugs for hyperglycemia to lower the glucose levels.

8. What is the normal dosage for Shivyaa?

For Chronic diabetes patients – 1 teaspoonful (1 scoop) three times a day, 30 minutes after meal with lukewarm water

For others (Newly diagnosed diabetes/Prediabetes) – 1 teaspoonful (1 scoop) twice a day, 30 minutes after meal with lukewarm water

9. Why is Shivyaa recommended with lukewarm water?

Shivyaa is a herbal product - if taken with lukewarm water, it is better absorbed by the body and works faster.

10. Can Shivyaa be mixed with lukewarm water and then consumed?

Yes, as per your convenience either you can take it separately followed by lukewarm water or mix it into the water and then drink it.

11. What are the precautions while taking Shivyaa?

People with diarrhea should not take Shivyaa.

The individual ingredients present in Shivyaa have not been associated with any adverse effect; however, their combined effect has not been studied in children below 12 years of age and pregnant & lactating women. Therefore, it is advisable to take it under your Physician’s supervision.

12. Is Shivyaa safe for long-term use?

Shivyaa is a product of natural origin, and has no known toxic effects. All the ingredients used in Shivyaa are derived from natural herbs and we assure quality herbs for our products. Shivyaa is a safe herbal therapy for the prevention and management of diabetes and prediabetes and can be continued till your blood glucose level is normal.

13. Why is Shivyaa so bitter in taste?

Shivyaa is a combination of bitter herbs like neem, chirayata, karela, giloy & kutki, therefore it tastes bitter. The bitter taste of herbs ensures their detox property.

Bitterness and the antioxidants of Shivyaa help detoxify the body and remove toxins or damage-causing free radicals generated due to increased levels of glucose. Shivyaa stimulates the taste buds inside the mouth for the secretion of enzymes and kills the cravings for sweet food.

14. Why is Shivyaa available only in powder form?

Scientific reasons behind the powder form of our medicines are:

  • The powder form reaches the G.I. tract (digestive tract) and gets absorbed faster than tablets which usually take a long time to be absorbed into the blood stream.
  • The powder form contains no inactive or unwanted material (such as chemical binders & preservatives used in tablets/capsules)
  • The taste of herbs has a therapeutic benefit and the action starts right after keeping the powder inside your mouth (therefore do not worry about the taste of the product, it is for the sake of your own health benefit.)

15. How long should Shivyaa be continued once the sugar level is normal?

Shivyaa should be continued for some time (3-4 months) even after your sugar level is normal so that it gets stabilized in the body. Withdrawal should be slow with a decrease in the dosage. Cut down the dosage of Shivyaa i.e. from thrice to twice or twice to once a day. You can withdraw Shivyaa slowly, keeping an eye on your glucose level, under your Physician’s guidance.

If you are planning to start consuming sugary foods again, you should not stop taking Shivyaa so that it maintains the sugar level balance in the body.

16. What are the dietary & lifestyle modifications for diabetic patients along with Shivyaa?

Health guidelines to manage glucose levels:

  • Take green vegetables and fresh fruits (except mango, cheekoo & banana) but avoid taking juices.
  • Stay physically active and maintain a healthy body weight. Your diet should be low in carbohydrates, fat, protein & salt.
  • Jamun, karela, methidana and butter milk (thin & spiced) are really good for glucose management.
  • Take a 30-minute walk or do some light yogic exercise in the morning
  • Sit in Vajrasan for 5-10 minutes just after food
  • Walk after lunch or dinner (approximately 100 steps).

17. What are the precautions to be taken while taking Shivyaa?

While taking Shivyaa, regular checks of glucose levels should be done. Initially start with an interval of 2 days, then weekly and at 15 days to prevent hypoglycemia (extreme low level of glucose), if you are on another hypoglycemic medication. As and when a patient starts getting positive results from Shivyaa, the dose of the allopath medicine can be reduced as per the Physician’s advice.

18. What if a non-diabetic individual takes Shivyaa?

A non-diabetic individual can take Shivyaa for full detox of the body. If you are not diabetic, you can take Shivyaa for 10-15 days for detox and then stop taking it. After 3-4 months again you can take Shivyaa for 10-15 days or so.