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Product List

Devang works with scientists, integrative health doctors and organic food experts from around the world to curate a collection of healthy organic foods and natural products for your health and happiness.

H e r b a l   S u p p l e m e n t s

Triphala 300 g
Natural Energy 150 g
Brain Boost 150 g
Heart Health 150 g
Joint Care 150 g
Sugar Balance 150 g
Glucose Control 150 g
Organic Amla 150 g
Organic Neem Giloy 150 g


N a t u r a l   P r o d u c t s

Dental Powder 45 g
Apple Cider Vinegar 540 ml
Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 225 g
Organic Mustard Oil 225 g
Raw Forest Honey 241 g
Natural Coconut Sugar 140 g
Organic Flax Seed 225 g


S i n g l e    H e r b s

Whole Stevia Leaves 20 g
Crushed Stevia Leaves 70 g
Black Tulsi Tea 20 g