Innovation through Incubation

Headquartered in New Delhi, India, the Devang team has spent over a decade working with leading scientists from around the world to develop effective natural products, and  collaborating with organic farmers and chefs to develop innovative and wholesome menus using organic and seasonal ingredients based in Ayurvedic Sciences. Devang’s vision is to spread health and happiness around the world by spreading the knowledge of India’s Ancient Scientific and Spiritual Wisdom. By supporting the grass roots entrepreneurs and connecting them with market resources, partners, mentors and validating products with effective science and data collection, Devang plans to be a global leader to propel India to the pinnacle of global healthcare, agricultural and lifestyle sciences.  

Devang’s Incubation Center will be India’s first Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center focused in the  complimentary fields of Agriculture, AYUSH and Hospitality. By leveraging a multi-dimensional network of  Scientists, Academics, Business Mentors, and Investors, the Devang AIC will provide talented entrepreneurs,  that are dedicated to the propagation of India’s Holistic Sciences, a platform to ideate, develop, launch, fund  and scale businesses across India and the World.

While a majority of Start Up publicity in the modern era is oriented towards IT and Technology based ventures, Devang recognizes that India has a tremendous wealth of knowledge “Gyan” in the domains of natural health and wellness. From Farmers in the North East of India to Entrepreneurs developing packaged health foods and Ayurvedic product manufacturers seeking to export Diabetes, and Cancer drugs around the world, Devang’s vision is to build and support an ecosystem to uplift India’s next generation of natural wellness entrepreneurs.

Stay Tuned for updates, perhaps you could be the next one to develop and scale a successful venture in Health, And Wellness, for the benefit of people and the planet!