D e v a n g s

 A Collaboration Among Beings of Light

The word   D e v a n g   is a Sanskrit word that means Beings of Light. Dev means God, which, truly, is just the light that permeates the whole universe. And Ang means "an extension, limb or part of". 

We chose Devang as the name for our brand, our mission and our community, because we recognize that ultimately, all of us are Beings of Light. And, as Beings of Light, we have a responsibility to heal, energize and en-lighten each other. 

As a part of our mission, we have spent the last few years identifying the most effective natural ways for people to improve their health. We need creative, vibrant and influential people like you to help educate and inspire people in India to align to a more conscious and healthy way of living! 

Here's what we had in mind: 

1) Using the contact form below or in an email to teyjas@devang.house send us your mailing address so we can send you a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar for you to enjoy

2) If you feel inspired by the effects of the product, help us get the word out on the benefits of Himalayan ACV by sharing it on your social platforms through images / videos on how to use it and what it does. Get as creative as you want, have fun with it, and let us know if you need any kind of support.

3) If you are interested in being an Affiliate, we will generate a unique code for you, for example Teyjas11 which you can share with your followers. At the end of every month we will take your Bank Details and transfer you 100 x However many people used your code when buying ACV 

We're excited to create this conscious living revolution in India with you!

About Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is a magical elixir given to us by the Earth Herself. Tracing it's roots back thousands of years to Ancient Greece, Ancient Europe and even India, Apple Cider Vinegar is an ideal natural tonic to help strengthen our digestion, improve our metabolism and has a myriad of amazing uses from cleaning vegetables, to ensuring radiant skin to conditioning the hair.