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About Us


Devang is a movement to spread health and happiness (the Joy of Being)  through vibrant cafés and natural products.

Headquartered in New Delhi, India, the Devang team has spent over a decade working with leading scientists from around the world to develop effective natural products, and collaborating with organic farmers and chefs to develop innovative and wholesome menus using organic and seasonal ingredients. 

While we continue building our community on a scientific foundation. Our philosophy remains ever in-tune with the spiritual essence of life. We believe that true health does not exist outside of us, it exists within the wholeness of our Self. We are wrongly taught to seek health and happiness externally, in food, entertainment, possessions and fleeting instances of gratification. However, buried beneath our bodies, our thoughts and our tumult of emotions, is the Spirit, which is implicitly Healthy and Whole.

Devang's vision to spread the Joy of Being is an evolving journey that brings together science and spirit for the goal of curating a more conscious, connected and sustainable world that is healthy at every layer of life -- physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

Guided by simplicity, beauty and nature, we look forward to serving you, as we continue striving to build a global movement for the health and happiness of all!