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Food + Mood
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Food + Mood

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Join us for an interactive conversation with Zoya and Zina (the Terrible Twos) around what we eat and how it affects us.

We’re so consumed by our daily lives that we don’t spend enough time with ourselves and our thoughts. This directly affects our mood and reflects in our daily habits, including what we eat and how we eat. Let's have an open conversation about the way that food and mood affect us everyday. 

Zoya and Zina will share their personal food experiences, followed by an open dialogue and activities to explore the food-mood equation. Then we will enjoy a three-course organic meal from Devang House’s kitchens designed to elevate your mood.

Happy Gut, Happy Mind menu:

  • Spinach and Sesame Salad 
  • Lentil Chila with Vegetable Tzatziki
  • Mango Chia Seed Pudding
  • Barley Tea and Iced Coffee

We’ll end with a five-minute meditation to center our body and mind.

About Zina and Zoya:

Zina and Zoya are fashion and lifestyle influencers who also pay avid attention to their health and what they eat. In a world where everything moves so fast, one forgets to stop and enjoy oneself and follow their intuition.  With a job that demands them to look and feel great all year round, they aim to find a balance in achieving personal goals as well as professional.

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About Devang: Devang is an organic cafe in the heart of New Delhi. We curate organic foods, natural products and events for our community. All of the food we serve is organic and comes directly from farms and farmers we know. Our aim is to spread health, happiness and the Joy of Being!

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