The Truth About Diabetes (plus tips)

The Truth About Diabetes (plus tips)

Last year, during our New Year Eve’s celebration, three of my friends were looking distressed. They disclosed to me that their husbands had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes! It was frightening for me that people who are in their early 30s, and had just started their lives a few years ago in Delhi, have now become part of the list of millions of diabetics. I’ve known them for four years, and the news was difficult to swallow!

But this is the scary truth of today’s world, especially in India, where people are becoming diabetic as early as in their 20s and 30s. Erroneous eating habits, almost no physical activity and extreme stress in personal and professional lives are the utmost reasons.

I know that these three young men are doing well in their professional lives, drawing handsome salaries, partying with friends, eating vegetarian & non-vegetarian food in a variety of places with family and friends and generally leading active lives. But, look where they are now!

So, what went wrong?

The reasons for diabetes are self-explanatory and entirely depend on the activities you do and don’t do, including:

  • Eating food with a high amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins
  • Smoking and consuming alcohol
  • No physical activity during the day to digest whatever is eaten
  • Extreme stress in your personal & professional life

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic lifestyle disease in which the glucose levels are higher than normal and, if untreated, leads to a further chain of diseases. India is now the diabetic capital of the world with more that 69 million diabetics, and of this 36 million are pre-diabetics, who are yet to be diagnosed! According to research done by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research), Delhi alone has around 11.6% diabetics. The reason more and more people are being diagnosed with diabetes as early as in their 20s or 30s is entirely because of dietary & lifestyle habits, as mentioned earlier.

Devang’s mission is to eradicate Type 2 diabetes, which is a lifestyle disease, from our country and from the world. Our team of doctors and scientists have been researching for many years natural cures to diabetes, and how can we prevent someone from getting diabetes by natural means. Ayurvedic Principles in conjunction with modern science, yogic exercises, meditation, herbal solutions and a nourishing diet consisting organic food & beverages are the substantial natural methods to conquer not only diabetes but any kind of lifestyle disease.

Here are some tips to prevent Type-2 diabetes and its long-term consequences which result in impaired vision, damaged liver, kidneys and even heart diseases due to the uncontrolled blood sugar levels:

  1. Eat low Glycemic Index and high fiber food – G.I. (Glycemic Index) is a scale measuring how early a carbohydrate-containing food will digest into glucose and absorb into the blood. Foods with high a G.I. digest quickly into glucose as compared to low G.I. foods. Low G.I. food leaves you feeling satisfied for a longer time after you have had your meal. Therefore, the insulin has enough time to do its job and remove glucose from the blood. Fiber rich foods help flush out toxins from the body and manage glucose levels. Vegetables (except starchy vegetables), fruits and whole grains are examples of a high fiber diet.
  1. Herbal Solutions – According to various scientific studies and Ayurvedic literature, herbs such as Gurmar, Neem, Chirayata, Giloy, Karela, Methi and many others help in the management of blood glucose level and prevent long-term consequences of high blood glucose. The herbs stimulate insulin secretion from the pancreas and facilitate utilization of glucose via the cells. At Devang, we have made a herbal supplement Shivyaa for people with diabetes. A combination of herbal therapy mixed with diet and lifestyle can facilitate the self-management of diabetes without any kind of other medications!                                                                                                                                  
  2. Physical Activity – Evidence supports regular exercise and physical activity as essential to maintaining a healthy glucose level. Exercise improves insulin sensitivity, glucose absorption via muscles and reduces long-term complications of Type-2 diabetes. Physical activities could be Yogic exercise, walking dancing, playing any outdoor games and so forth. Walking is preferably the most effective physical activity recommended for all. Therefore, to maintain a normal glucose level, it is crucial to set a daily routine of physical activity and all individuals should reduce their sedentary time by taking breaks in the total time spent sitting.

A healthier and happier world is accessible to all of us. Simple changes in lifestyle and most importantly, a change in our understanding and outlook on health will create a diabetes-free world!




Sweta Srivastava is Devang’s Health Care Research Expert. Sweta has received her Graduate degree in Biological Science & Post-graduate degree in Environmental Science from the University of Allahabad. She is studying, working and researching into the field of herbs and healthcare science since more than twelve years.

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