Raw Rasoi Review

Raw Rasoi Review


In her upcoming book, Raw Rasoi Everyday Juices, Rupinder Kaur has beautifully curated one of India's first usable guides dedicated to juicing. It is a visually stunning and intellectually convincing narrative and guide that will be compelling to everyone from beginners looking for help on how to integrate juices into a hectic lifestyle, all the way to experts seeking new and innovative juice recipes. The two things that we loved most about the book are its stunning photography, conceptualized and directed by Rupinder herself, and the fact that the book provides a simple and easy to follow guide that is tuned to the Indian landscape of easily available ingredients. Often, with health-related books, we find that the recipes mentioned involve the use of ingredients that are difficult or expensive to source. Raw Rasoi Everyday Juices, on the other hand, offers culturally relevant juicing recipes for every Indian family. We are sure that with this emerging thought leadership around Raw diets from Rupinder, we are sure to see more Fathers, Mothers and young children adopt juicing and similar ideologies towards a more health conscious Indian culture! 


Devang Organic Fruits

The Author, Rupinder Kaur 


Devang Organic Juice

Some of the suggested seasonal juices


Organic Fruits

A preference for seasonal, natural and organic ingredients 

Organic Devang Mausmi Juice

Recipes and juicing techniques 

Devang Fruits and Juices

Enough variety to keep an entire family excited about juicing  



Devang is excited to be collaborating with Rupinder to launch Raw Rasoi Everyday Juices in India. Sign up for the event before it fills up!

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