Four Reasons to Choose Powder over Pills

Four Reasons to Choose Powder over Pills

When it comes to taking health supplements, we might find ourselves wondering whether to choose pills or powders. Most of us want to go for pills because they are convenient to take. But do we know the truth behind these two forms of supplements?

It is important to know the benefits of both of these forms so that we can choose wisely. (Here, we are mainly concerned about herbal supplements, obtained from medicinal plants mentioned in Ayurvedic texts and scientific research for their tremendous health benefits). Many people have asked, why should I take bitter, astringent or hard to consume powders when science has reinvented them to allow the convenience of swallowing the pills containing extracts of those herbs?

Here are four reasons to choose the powder form of herbal supplements:

  1. Any supplement in powder form reaches faster into the digestive tract (G.I. tract) and get absorbed, unlike tablets which usually take longer time to reach into the blood stream. This increases the speed and efficacy of the supplement.

  2. There are some chemical binders and preservatives used while making tablets or capsules which have no added benefits. Our body does not need any of these chemicals - so why consume them? Yes, these chemicals help the supplement last longer on the shelf. But it is always better to avoid chemicals and preservatives and take the herbal supplements in their natural form.

  3. The powder of any herb consists of the whole herb or herb part which includes all its phytoconstituents such as alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, and fibers. In simple terms, we can take vitamin C out of Amla or Oranges but if we eat the whole fruit, we enjoy all of its beneficial properties such as dietary fibers, minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorus) and much more. Therefore, the powder form allows you to benefit from the holistic properties of the herb in its nearest-to-nature form.

  4. Finally, the taste of herbs has therapeutic benefits and the action starts right after placing the powder in your mouth. Therefore, do not worry about the taste of the powders, instead consider their health benefit! 


    Beyond Convenience

    Pills undoubtedly are more palatable than the powder form of anything. But have you ever thought of eating your meals in the form of pills so that you can keep them in your pocket and swallow at breakfast, lunch and dinner? No, because you know that as far as possible, it is always good to take food in its natural form. For example, it is always advisable to consume fruits instead of juices to get all the benefits of the whole fruit such as fibers and pulp with all the essential nutrients. Also, vegetables and cereals are full of nutrients and fibers, most beneficial when consumed under the least processing. Similarly, herbs taken in their holistic way are efficacious and beneficial for your entire health and not only for a certain indication.

    Additionally, palatability and portability are just a matter of convenience. We are always happy doing things which are convenient to do. But, increasing our health and longevity trumps day-to-day convenience – it’s worthwhile to spend an extra few minutes today for many extra years of life! This is why the Devang research team has launched all of our herbal products in powder form.

    Considering the truth behind these two forms, I will always prefer herbal supplements in their natural, powder form. This allows me to benefit from all the properties of herbs, the way Mother Nature intended. So, what will you choose?



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