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Eva María Pacheco on Art & the Spirit

Eva is a PhD researcher in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. Her line of investigation is the process of spiritual development through art and meditation. Her art has been shown in collective and solo exhibitions in art galleries and art spaces in several cities of the world. She now resides in New Delhi, India. Here, Devang interviews the artist on what inspires her paintings and tie to India!

Can you tell us a little about your connection with India?

15 years ago, I was studying in Mexico City on a post-graduate scholarship. At the time, I was going deep into paintings and myself. I was trying to understand what is the self – I made the intention to meditate but I could not. I really wondered how to calm the mind, thoughts and emotions. 

So when I came back to Barcelona, I said I really need to make a change in my life, I want to learn meditation. I went to the Brahma Kumaris center, and began doing Raja Yoga Meditation with them.

Their main center is in India. So I travelled here [to India] in 2003 to visit the center in Mt. Abu.

How was the experience for you?

It had such an amazing impact. I understood it was a karmic thing – it was not easy, or normal that I came here. The first city I travelled to was Delhi, then to Mt. Abu, and participated in retreats, forums, conferences every year. But my main focus was meditation. 

I felt that I had been here already [in a past life], I had done so many things – it was a big explosion of emotion. 

Especially with Delhi. I love the word Dilli –from the heart – I felt it.

In 2010 I came to live in India, in New Delhi. Now I’ve been living in Delhi for six years.

I stay at the Om Shanti Retreat Center, of the Brahma Kumaris Delhi, where I do my service, meditations and paintings. I’m also working in Insituto Cervantes New Delhi teaching Spanish language, and doing Cultural Relations with them. 

When did your journey with art begin?

In Barcelona, I was a PhD in fine art – my thesis was on the connection between the spiritual aspect of being and the painting as a creation. How can I give art value through my meditation – if I know myself, can you imagine how I can share that experience through painting? So that’s what happens when you see the painting.

For example, we are all made of Love. As an artist, I connect with the love in me, and then express it in the painting. When the creation is shared, other souls can see it and relate it with their own vibration. Because they are, in essence, also the energy of Love.

We are just remembering who we are, when we awaken.

Eva's Studio

That’s not a very common focus for artists, is it?

Today, in my perception, art is 90 percent under commercial interest. If I am going to live with my paintings, then that’s a very different process. I go very slow - I’ve been painting since 1993, I haven’t stopped painting.

My path was not to sell in galleries. My will was to touch the Self. Otherwise I would become too much into the technique. But I don’t want the painting to be an object.

Now that we have photos, we don’t need artists to paint portraits. My purpose in this life is to bring out the spirituality, to connect with souls, switching them on.

How can we make more artists spiritually conscious?

For me, the way is to keep moving, keep showing, and keep doing - stay active. The rest will happen naturally.

For example, a lot of people are going vegetarian today. The same thing will happen with creation, music, lifestyle, relations. The main thing is to be aware and keep moving.

Many people such as Devang are doing amazing things, and growing something completely different - we are connecting with each other. That feeling is completely synergized.

Devang is focused on organic food and experiences, maybe another person is more into clothing and organic cotton. My side is completely into the creation: awakening with the vibrations, energies, colors, shape and atmospheres created by paintings.

What has been your experience of living in New Delhi? Does your influence come from cultures in Barcelona and New Delhi?

Ultimately, my work comes from meditation and it would be the same in Barcelona as in New Delhi.

What Delhi gave me was freedom. To do an open meditation, open experience, raja yoga, keep painting, keep moving and showing – that easiness is not given, nowadays in Spain, or in Europe for example.

Here I can talk about spirituality with anyone, and we click. The rhythm is not as easy in Spain to talk about energies, God and light. It’s there, but you need to keep opening many doors until you find it and connect. It manifests in the culture, religion and spiritual expression of the people.

Here in India you can see many cultures, temples and spiritual centers. Now, meditation is a tool that people are asking for increasingly in Spain and all over the world. When I say I’m living in India, people relate to it and understand.


Details of Eva's paintings


Join us for the opening of Eva's art exhibition, Sharing the Light within, on Saturday, October 23 at 7.30 pm at Devang House. Eva's art will be on display, and for sale, at Devang House through November 30.