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Health is a Lifestyle

The global healthcare industry is experiencing an imminent collapse. Day after day, public awareness about the industry’s malpractices and unethical behaviors are increasing. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about how some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers are fighting to obtain patents for Hepatitis C drugs. One company that was able to do so, made over 2 billion dollars last year selling this expensive treatment to patients with Hepatitis C. Seeing this, other drug companies are scrambling to put out products, in the hope of making money. It feels yucky doesn’t it? To think that there are powerful people in this world who actually wantto see an abundance of Hepatitis C, so that they can profit from it. That was yesterday. Today, news stories are appearing, through undercover journalist operations, which prove the obscene relationships that exist between healthcare companies and so-called doctors. There are overwhelming stories circulating the world of doctors being bribed, with money, revenue-sharing, and extravagant gifts, to prescribe medicines or tests, or force patients to spend nights in hospitals, when often, none of these measures are needed.

Hearing these stories, shocked they are true; we are compelled to ask, why? Why do these things happen? On one level, we can carve an easy way out of the problem by saying that human nature is inherently and inescapably greedy. As long as we live in a world that operates for-profit, we will have to clench our teeth and accept that there are as many doctors and companies in the business of making money, as there are doctors and organizations in the service of healing. But, alas, we cannot accept that. It’s not good enough. There has to be a better way! (There always is). For the last two years we have been working on that better way.

For thousands of years Ayurveda has looked at human well being in a completely different way than what is seen predominately today. The science of Ayurveda was built on the awareness that humans are a part of a universal fabric of five elements, and that health (wholeness) is achieved when the interactions between the elements (within and without) are in balance. What is most striking and beautiful about the Ayurvedic approach to life, is that it was not merely about suppressing the symptoms of disease, it was about understanding and reflecting deeply, on how to make the most of life, to live to the full potential of what we are capable, and to experience the joy of being.

Unfortunately, we are forced to use the word was as opposed to is,because the same diseases of greed, arrogance and lethargy that have inflicted the world of modern healthcare, have crept into modern Ayurveda as well. Because the desire for money often supersedes compassion in our society, people have butchered Ayurveda with poor and inauthentic medicines and spas to deepen their pockets.

Thus, in an effort to restore Ayurveda to its rightful place in the world as a deeply conscious, holistic, and appropriate way to approach life and human health, we decided to bridge the old world with the new by creating the best herbal supplements the world has ever seen, developing herbal recipes in the best, certified facilities in India. The driving force of our venture was simple, to spread joy and to heal people. We developed formulations to treat and cure, Diabetes, Arthritis, Cholesterol Imbalance, and to increase Immunity and Strength and mental wellbeing. Over time, we decided that we had not gone far enough. We realized that creating healthier, herbal alternatives to allopathic medicines is only going to provide symptomatic relief to a healthcare system that was more deeply damaged. Through reflection, it become more and more clear, that if we were truly going to reintroduce Ayurveda to the world with authenticity and integrity, we will have to reintroduce it as it really is, as a lifestyle.