8 Ways to Gift Joy this Season

It’s that time of the year again! The weather is tinged with a cool pleasantness, socializing is at its annual peak and spirits are higher than Delhi’s temperatures this July. 

With festivities from Navratri, Durga Puja, Diwali, and Christmas to an abundance of weddings – all taking place in a span of a few months - the opportunity to offer tokens of love through gifts also abounds.

Ultimately, a gift is an expression - it conveys the fact that the recipient matters. Beyond the physical object, it is the thought given to it that lives on in the recipient’s mind. 

Here are some ideas for unique and thoughtful gifts to spread joy this festive season -

  1. Nature’s Bounty: Nature is the most abundant of gifts - share a gift of plants, seeds or even trees! Many plants and seeds can be bought for their medicinal and aesthetic uses, so it’s simple to customize as per one’s preference as well as needs. These are available at boutiques and nurseries across the NCR region. Did you know you could also plant and nurture trees in individuals’ names? Plant A Tree India and other organizations allow you to gift someone the joy of environmental conservation. The options are endless!
  1. Accessing Art: Art is a gift that spans ages and personalities – it’s proven to be therapeutic as well as a creative outlet. Build a personalized hamper of a variety of art and craft supplies – different paints, canvases, charcoal, wires, clay, moulds – for a bespoke gift. There are also adult coloring books and a variety of how-to guides that you can purchase from bookstores. You’ll most likely gift someone a hidden talent, a new hobby or even just a restorative experience! 
  1. Celebrating Childhood: Classic board games like Pictionary and Monopoly are always fun gifts to bring out the inner child in each of us. Add your own twist and innovate with different rules and ideas to add an even more unique and customized element.
  1. Local Favourites: Local favourite foods, crafts and textiles are favourites for a reason; their uniqueness and specialty make them a safe gifting choice. Gift a selection of your top-pick iconic products. Especially for people from outside your geographical area, these will always be cherished!
  1. Spa Surprise: Everyone needs a vacation – but sometimes time and other constraints don’t allow for one, so what’s the next best thing? A luxurious, rejuvenating spa day! Most stand-alone and hotel spas offer customized vouchers with a variety of services that’ll leave anyone feeling completely refreshed and reborn!
  1. Personalised Stationery: A thoughtful and handy present – pick beautiful, handcrafted paper and customize it with the names of your gift-receivers. They’ll remember you whenever they write!
  1. Curated Music: Everyone can download music – but a curated playlist based on genre and function, say workout or study, adds another level of joy to an individual’s musical experience. Gift someone playlists of songs curated by you - you may even introduce someone to their favourite new music!
  1. A Hobby: Very often we think of things we’d love to do but never end up doing because of our busy schedules. Sometimes all that’s needed is another person’s initiative – why not gift a fitness, dance, music or cooking class membership? Gifting someone access to their hobby is undoubtedly a special and thoughtful way of showing you care – you can always book event tickets through Devang, including private, customized events. Let us know it’s a gift and we’ll prepare everything to delight your loved one. 

And then of course, there is another way of showing your love, expressing joy and presenting someone something personal – you could gift them a Devang Organic Festive Gift Hamper, filled with goodies that have been nurtured at organic farms, prepared with love and customized into their favourite, wholesome and healthy treats!

Devang Organic Gift Hamper

Happy Festivities – be Joyful and spread the Joy.


Abhira Talwar graduated from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi. After having done her Masters in Luxury Brand Management in Milan, Italy she worked on multiple branding projects for Italian fashion, fine jewellery, lifestyle and hospitality brands. Now a member of the Devang team, she gets to combine her two passions - holistic wellness and brand storytelling together.

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