12 Simple Steps to Holistic Health

12 Simple Steps to Holistic Health

Today in the Magazine, Devang contributor Dimple Mirchandani shares her journey to discovering the true meaning of Health and 12 simple steps to living a healthy life.

The true meaning of Health and fitness goes way beyond our preconceived notions. Health is not about being thin; it is about experiencing physical and mental stability and strength, feeling a constant state of joy, being free of disease, feeling clarity in thought, having energy all day long, living each moment with full involvement, and aligning mind, body and soul. The term holistic implies an approach to wellbeing that incorporates balance in all aspects of life - work, relationships, physical activity, diet and spirituality. These various aspects feed into each other; for instance by eating well we ensure proper body functioning, which enables us to make better decisions and to seek balance between relationships and work.

In today’s fast-paced, sedentary lifestyle with rising responsibilities - eating and living healthy is slipping by the wayside. There are many theories, notions and fads making rounds - more and more people are jumping onto this bandwagon without understanding the true meaning behind these theories. More than half the time of a person's life is spent thinking about what not to eat and the rest is spent juggling self-created diseases, chronic ailments and temporary relief from the symptoms. In such a frame of mind, a person cannot function well and cannot realize his or her true potential.

I truly believe that the body is the most precious vehicle for this journey of life. My own journey towards this realization started at an early age. Eating well and living a disciplined life helped me align with my intuition. As I followed my instincts, it led to the discovery of a new aspect of life that cannot be explained in words and can only be experienced – the Universe is magical, you just gotta be observant enough to feel the magic. I believe that the Universe is a vast sea in which we are immersed and from which we are formed- once we are aligned with our energy, we become a more cooperative part of this ecosystem.

Here I’d like to share some basic tips to wellbeing:

1) Adopt a traditional way of living - eat real food and avoid processed, refined and chemical-laden foods.

2) Make healthy choices - In the real world it is truly not possible to be 100% wise while grabbing meals on the go. However, making little changes in day-to-day living can yield long-term benefits –for example, choose healthy dressings, avoid fried choices, opt for whole wheat breads instead of white and opt for green tea instead of regular.

3) Stay physically active –take a regular 5 minute stretching break in between work and walk around as much as possible.

4) Break a sweat - maintain a physical exercise routine at least 3 times a week. This can be as simple as walking in the park or cycling, swimming, yoga, or gym training - anything that helps release toxins from the body through sweat.

5) Maintain a proper sleep cycle - Rising with the sun and having a good night’s sleep is vital for proper body functions and making better decisions in the workplace and main areas of our life. 

6) Hydrate - water is the most important element of life, thus being well hydrated at all times is essential. Try to swap sugary drinks like sodas, juices, sports drinks, and diet drinks with water. 

7) Avoid caffeine - keep a check on caffeinated drinks. Try to replace coffees and tea with green / mint / lemon infusions.

8) Snack regularly - Keeping healthy snacks at the work desk can curb hunger and prevent bingeing on unhealthy options when our blood sugar dips. Some healthy options are nuts, seed mix, fruits, raw salads and granola bars.

9) Maintain a spiritual practice - This does not mean following a particular religion – it can be as simple as meditating for 10-15 minutes in the morning, or doing a few rounds of yogic breathing, or listening to music before starting your day.

10) Nurture relationships - having a bad relationship can have many negative effects on your life. It is important to keep them positive.

11) Maintain a sense of purpose - it is important to find your calling and have a reason to wake up every morning with the same excitement of living up to your purpose. 

12) Take a date day - take a break from your usual routine once a week to rejuvenate yourself. On your day off, play your favourite sport, go out with friends, or go for a massage.

I truly wish and hope that each one of you can experience the bliss of true health and fitness – and experience LIFE in each moment of living.

Dimple Mirchandani is 26 years old and hails from a Delhi-based business family. She graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Manchester, UK, after which she received an International Certification as Nutrition and Health Consultant from Institute for Integrative Nutrition (New York, USA) and a Diploma in Sports Nutrition from Oxford Learning (UK). Thereafter she obtained certifications in Astrology, Tarot Reading and Numerology. Recently she was also awarded an international certification in Yoga Training and certification in Diamonds and Gemology from GIA.  Dimple started working at a young age and gained a lot of insight into the business world through working for her family business. However, she has always been passionate about trying new things - which led her to start her own ventures: Holistic Nutrition and Secret Dresser. Traveling, reading, writing and music are the other interests that keep her going!

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