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Enlightened Entrepreneurship

Humanity today faces some of the greatest challenges in its history. While technological advancements have brought about enhanced abilities in terms of communication, production, and transportation, it has been unable to solve some of the pressing problems that confront the planet today -- pollution and climate change, inequality and rapidly degrading levels of mental and physical health of millions of people around the world.


While some of these international challenges may incite fear in us, we have always felt that through education and enlightened entrepreneurship, the world has the power to overcome any problem.


What is Enlightened Entrepreneurship? 


Enlightened Entrepreneurship is a vision for innovation that seeks to serve people and the planet. With an understanding of the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and social layers of life, and the need for wholeness at ever level, enlightened entrepreneurs look towards nature, science and spirituality to find integrated and holistic solutions to humanities most pressing needs. Not just technology, but a blend of technology, nature and humanity is what is needed to cultivate a better world. 


Having recognized the need to create ecosystems that support a new era of enlightened entrepreneurship, Devang has begun a journey to formally establish an Incubator dedicated to fostering the next generation of Conscious Capitalists from India and around the world.