Constant Innovation

Constant Innovation

Ayurveda has always struggled with an image problem. Whether it is mother's trying to force their kids to gobble down unpalatable decoctions of herbs, or patients struggling to find medicines based on the sheer difficulty of locating the right herbs, in the right blends and with assured quality, people around the world, while they value the science and the essence of Ayurveda, are struggling to build a relationship with science. 


Having recognized the gaps in consumers experience of Ayurveda, Devang is constantly working with its network of scientists and entrepreneurs to identify innovative, convenient and authentic ways to deliver the highest quality natural medicines to consumers around the world.


Imagine being able to get a dose of Triphala, just from a few drops of a highly concentrated liquid, is this the future of natural medicine? By working with scientists from Germany and Karnataka, we hope to identify how the properties of Ayurvedic herbs can be fully retained when administered through the temperature controlled carbon extraction process. 


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