4 Steps to Perfect Oral Care

4 Steps to Perfect Oral Care

Brushing our teeth is the first thing we do in the morning everyday to care for our teeth and maintain oral hygiene. We follow this schedule as we are taught from a young age the importance of oral health to overall health.

Previously, people used natural ingredients to rub and clean their teeth and gums, as there were no toothpastes or toothbrushes available. While toothpastes are meant to increase the convenience of tooth cleansing, are we aware of the bad effects of the chemical and synthetic ingredients present in our toothpastes such as fluorides, triclosan and others? Indeed, the risk increases in the case of small children using the same toothpaste which contains chemicals. Children mostly swallow the paste which is not good for their health. On the other hand, using natural ingredients for teeth cleansing will not have any bad effect on the health; even if the ingredients are swallowed.

Evidence suggests that complete oral cleansing improves overall health (Oral Health Topics, American Dental Association). People with tooth and gum diseases are at a high risk of getting other health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or stroke. Earlier, people mostly cleaned their teeth with the help of Neem or babool twig, which were meant to strengthen teeth and gums, along with their anti-bacterial effect. However, in today’s times we are so preoccupied with convenience, despite the side effets of chemicals and synthetic ingredients, that we have forgotten our age-old, natural recipes for oral care. In fact, natural ingredients can offer better oral hygiene!

Here, I share four steps for complete and natural oral care:

  1. Use Natural Ingredients to Cleanse Your Teeth & Gums – Several herbs and natural ingredients are known to improve oral health such as neem, babool, clove, rock salt, cardamom, and sweet lemon. Devang’s dental powder is a mix of these natural ingredients which is good for cleansing and strengthening teeth, and preventing tooth and gum problems such as tooth aches, gum bleeding, pyorrhea, and tooth decay. These are the benefits of using natural ingredients for cleaning teeth and gums:
    • Rubbing natural ingredients on your teeth and gums will cleanse them and prevent decay.
    • Unlike chemical toothpastes, the use of natural ingredients does not carry health risks.
    • Natural ingredients prevent dental cavities, cure tooth aches, remove gum bleeding, and treat other problems of tooth and gums.
  1. Scrape Your Tongue – The tongue scraper, also known as tongue cleaner, promotes fresh breath and oral hygiene. Scrape your tongue just after brushing your teeth with the help of a silver or copper tongue scraper. These are the benefits of using a Tongue Scraper:
    • Cleanses your tongue and removes the coating on the tongue that otherwise leads to bad breath
    • Clears toxins and bacteria from the tongue
    • Activates the taste buds on the tongue and stimulates their action towards the sense of taste
    • Promotes overall oral and digestive health
  1. Oil Pulling – Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that involves swishing a tablespoon ofoil in your mouth on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes (this is usually done first thing in the morning). Coconut Oil and Sesame Oil are best for oil pulling. You can purchase organic and cold pressed coconut oil from Devang. These are the benefits of oil pulling:
    • Detoxifies the mouth and cleanses the harmful bacteria from the mouth
    • The oral detoxification not only improves oral health but also overall health
    • Prevents tooth decay, cures gum bleeding and bad breath
    • Whitens teeth 
  1. Herbal Mouth Wash or Mouth Fresheners – Generally, mouth wash or mouth freshener is used just after tooth cleaning or after having meals. These are the benefits of using natural mouth wash or mouth fresheners:
    • Keeps your breath fresh without using any chemical or synthetic ingredients
    • Herbal mouth wash has no harmful effects; you can keep it in your mouth and swallow it, if desired, as it may help to improve digestive health. 

Using natural methods for oral care helps lower the chemical burden from our health. Follow this complete oral health care plan to not only maintain oral hygiene, but also improve your overall health, the way Nature intended!




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