What is Organic?

One of the questions that many people are asking in New Delhi, and across India, is “What is Organic?”

At Devang, we serve organic foods in our café, as well as retailing organic products in our space and on our website. But the idea of Organic extends well beyond a simple product or service offering – it is a school of thought.

Organic means living naturally. It means understanding that what nature has to offer is already whole and complete. That Mother Nature is the best chef!

 Therefore, growing and making our food without pesticides, fertilizers and additives is not only a nice-to-do, but it is the ideal thing to do.

Our global society has been through several evolutions in thought, and our understanding of progress has evolved alongside. From our origins as hunters and gatherers, to settling and cultivating land, to industrialization to the new era of technology – we have marked progress through a variety of indicators.

Today, many people have realized that ‘progress’ is living healthy, happy and harmoniously with one’s self, each other and the planet.

Organic Living is the best way you can serve your Mother Nature, while also sustaining yourself and serving your community. Of course, our modern agricultural systems and economy have not made Organic the norm – yet. But as demand increases, supply will, too.

Devang is on a mission to grow the Organic Living movement – starting with New Delhi and expanding across India and the world. We hope you will join us on this beautiful journey!


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